Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A bit about...

I've been thinking about the blog a lot lately. I'm pretty busy nowadays and if it's quite to find time for the stuff I *have* to do, you can imagine what it might be like for anything else.

Even though, that's not all. There's something about having a blog that doesn't look as appealing as it used to be. What's it all for? Why would I want to show people what I do or what I dress or how I put on my make-up? I used to do this for me, but somehow I feel like I don't need it anymore. It's like I feel confident and comfortable enough with my style and the way I live about it that I don't need reassurance. I actually don't even take pics of myself anymore, and this makes me sort of sad, when some days after that I remember that I loved my outfit that day but can't quite recall how it was and then it's like it never existed. Ok, maybe it's not that dramatic, but I once lost ALL my pictures from 2005 to 2010 and it somehow made an impact on my desire of documenting everything.

It makes me sad to abandon this, and that's why I won't leave it completely, but if we're connected in social networks you might see that my activity there has decreased as well, so I'll probably won't post here often. I remember someone said that I could put in some bits of my daily life and I might probably do that, use this as an outlet for random daily thoughts, to explain whatever projects and dreams I have in mind and whatnot. Even if I'm quite reserved (or simply introverted) and not the kind of person who'd talk about her life anywhere... But meh, if I don't want to abandon this (and I don't feel like doing extensive posts about useful stuff which I don't really know anything about -in the end, my field is pretty much opposite to this- that could take me loads of time and effort) I should do something about it.

For now, I'll throw in some random pics (shitty phone quality, soz).

Random outfit for class/work
I was happy with my hair that day (it took me only 15')
 but I couldn't take any good pics of it, lol.

Random pic class/work make-up/hair
My eh... "costume" for carnival.

Which, as you might see, it wasn't much of
a costume, but rather old clothes from my
former style, lol.
Moar camwhoring.

Aaaand another random outfit
(for class and work, guessed it?!)

As you might see, one of the reasons for not posting much is because... My life has gotten a bit routinary, and my routines fill pretty much all my day. I wake up early to get to class, I leave classes to get to work. I get out from work and usually I meet some friends/play something foreveraloneishly at home/do homework/work on whatever project I might have a couple hours until it's too late and I've got to drag me to bed so I won't be a zombie tomorrow. Yay me!

I just hope that some of my long term (well, medium term now! time flies!) projects don't fail... If everything goes as planned I might have a lot to tell... Soon. :)

Well, thanks for being there... Even if I've been absent, haha.

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  1. you're looking amazing as always! love your hair *_*
    and don't feel pressured into blogging ;o sometimes there are just times when you feel like writing a lot and sometimes not. I used to hate being on pictures when I was younger and now I hardly have any pictures from when I was 13-16 and I kinda regret that :/ but if you take just pictures sometimes it will be ok! take your time and focus on things that are important in your life now^^


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