Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January sales GETS 1 & NYE's look

(Wasn't "Year Everyone" a trending topic in twitter this year?)

We've got plenty of new year posts around, so this won't be one of them.
I'm gonna talk about something great of the beginning of the year: January's sales.
It's true that the other day that I went cloth-hunting (lol) the sales hadn't actually started, BUT, there were a lot of lowered prices which allowed me to buy a few things.

One of this items is a jacket which totally suits the kind of jacket I had been spotting in my favourite magazines. I do have a huge collection of clippings of different kinds of jackets waiting to be posted (lazynesss) and you'll see what I mean when I say that they really helped me making my mind clear!

I'm pretty happy with my purchases.

I've also bought a couple necklaces and hair accessories since it's what I had been seeing that my outfits lacked the most. Even though I'll continue accessory-hunting another day because I know that I would have kept buying just flowers that day. You can't (at least it happens to me) buy so much stuff in one day because you'll probably end up with a lot of things that look pretty much the same!

AND (I don't have pics yet) I bought a lot of tights which I happen to love! I'll post pics as soon as I have them (and I'm not lazy). I'll probably just update this post, so if you're curious you should come back here to check (how pointless would it be to make a brand new post just to show some tights? I'll think about it. XD).

NYE's look
Blurry pics are blurry. Bad pics are bad. I wish I had a proper way to take pics of what I wear. And maybe a compact camera to do all the camwhoring, because the SLR looks a bit too much for shooting a mirror. XD

The outfit is just a refined version of the last one of my outfit post. I was wearing some pumps you can't see with the shitty pic. I've got the feeling that the cardigan has gotten somewhat bigger, but I'm sure I haven't shrunk!

Speaking of poor quality, I just added an iPhone pic of how my hair ended the night!

Thanks for reading and happy new year once more!


  1. Como mola todo lo que te as comprado! Pero lo que más me a gustado es la camiseta con el estampado de flores en la bandera de Inglaterra *o*

  2. I love all your new gets! ♥ & omg, I have TOTAL HAIR JEALOUSY with you, hahaha! It always looks so perfectly fluffy & lovely in all your pics~! ♥

  3. Que pasada de compras!! Que envidia que donde vives hayan empezado ya!! ><

    Estas monisima en las fotos!!! *_________*

  4. Me encantan tus compras! todas toditas! *_*


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