Monday, April 23, 2012

Princess Mimi Sesame Grey review!

(Versión en español al fondo -a la derecha xD-)

I told you I was going to actually blog!

Well, I got today on my mail one of the items I had been waiting for a very long long time:
A new pair of circle lenses!

A model that I'm sure most of you have already (because I'm aware I'm a bit late to the trend, lol) but that I've loved with all my consumerist heart from the day they were out (which is one year ago, yes):
Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey!

They're 15.0 mm and come in a variety of powers (I got them in plano though).
You can also check out their technical info here!

I got them from LensVillage, a shop I discovered not so long ago.
They're super nice, and ship pretty fast too!
I like having shop crushes like this, haha!

I wanted to make something different for this review (seeing that I had such a long hiatus and so) and I thought that I could add this to the desire I had of starting a vlog. So hey, after the obligatory picture review you've got a video version of it (where you'll get to see a very nervous version of myself, lol)!

First of all, the packaging. Isn't it like über cute?

You get with the lenses an instruction manual (yes, I know) and a cute animal case!

And tada! I've always heard that you've got to keep the lenses with some new solution for a while before actually wearing them so... I managed to keep them... 3 hours! Yay me!

Let's move on to the typical lens review pics:

No make-up one in, one out

No make-up both in

With make-up

So... What do you think?
As I say on the video I've kind of fallen in love with them because well, I wasn't used to colour lenses (except for... well, brown) and I love the way they seem to soften my features. They also don't look to alien-ish nor chameleonic, if you know what I mean lol.

As for comfort... Well, I've worn them from 12 am to 8 pm without getting my eyes sore or blurry, so I'd say that's pretty good, isn't it?

And here's the video!
Disclaimer: It's my first vlog ever. I AM nervous. I DO blink a lot and say a lot of "ehs" and "uhs" and "okays". But I did it with all my love. And I know I'm fugly, I've got mirrors lol. I just wanna have a bit of fun.

PS: One of the reasons that has made me choose vlogging, besides the fact that seeing on live how does a product actually look is usually better to grow an opinion is that it isn't as time consuming as working on a written and documented review, and as busy as I am with college I don't really have the time to do as much pic editing and taking care of details as I did, so... Well, I'm sorry in part for it because I feel like I'm "working" less, but you know... I still love y'all.

PS2: Now I should get some new lower lashes. And clothes. But I have to lose some weight before that. Sigh.


Veis cómo iba a postear algo con sentido e iba a retomar el blog?

Bueno, de buenas a primeras os traigo una pequeña review de algo que me ha llegado al buzón esta mañana y me ha hecho traer una sonrisa!

Mis nuevas, maravillosas, estupendísimas y fantabulosas Princess Mimi Sesame Grey.

Son de 15.0 mm de diámetro y se ofrecen también con graduación!
Por si os interesa, podéis consultar el resto de la información técnica aquí!

Vale, debo ser la última que se las ha comprado, pero es que son demasiado molonas y me han gustado desde el día en que salieron.

Lo cierto es que quería hacer algo nuevo para esta review, con todo eso de que he renovado el blog y tal, y he querido aprovechar que tenía unas ganas enormes de meterme en esto del vlog (que cuando me he puesto a grabar se me han ido de golpe xDDDD) para unificar todo un poco. Además de que bueno, siendo lentillas siempre queda más guay ver cómo quedan al ""natural"", porque por más fotos que pongas nunca será lo mismo.

Pero bueno, ante todo la ristra de fotos obligatoria de toda review:

Primero os quiero enseñar la monada de paquetito que me ha llegado.
No había tenido nunca trato con esta tienda, LensVillage y estoy muy contenta con el resultado. Son rápidos y majos, echadle un ojo si necesitáis renovar el stock porque a mí por lo menos me han ido bastante bien.

Dentro de este paquetito venía lo siguiente:

Y después de dejarlas un ratejo (te dicen 24h... Claaaro. Creo que las he podido dejar... 3 xD) en líquido nuevo me las he puesto.

Las fotos:

Una sí, una no, sin maquillar

Ambas, sin maquillar

Ambas maquillada

Por el vídeo digo que no tengo ni idea de la comodidad porque me las acabo de poner (sí, me acababa de peinar pero ha resultado pasar suficientemente tiempo para que el volumen se me fuese a la porra), pero ahora ya os lo puedo contar. He estado prácticamente 8h con ellas sin ningún tipo de molestia. La verdad es que las lentillas de GEO son bastante cómodas en general.

Y nada, supongo que ahora que por fin he podido renovar lentillas les tocará a las pestañas inferiores. Eso sí, estando más pobre que las ratas probablemente veáis antes posts sobre análisis de trends en revistas más que otra cosa.

PD: Una de las otras razones por las que he hecho el review en vídeo, aparte de todo lo dicho anteriormente, es porque me resulta mas rápido de hacer que dedicarme a un post extensivo en texto y foto, teniendo que editar todas las fotos más allá de recortar. La verdad es que me sabe un poco mal porque tengo la impresión de estar currándomelo menos, pero lo cierto es que con el poco tiempo que me deja la uni bastante es que haga algo. Así que perdones y gracias <3

I did it!

It's just a draft and it'll probably stay this way until the end of time, but... I did it!

Some random thoughts:

  1. I should add something to the header. Pics maybe.
  2. That dotted line above the footer should gtf... disappear.
  3. What about actually blogging?
  4. Maybe -and only maybe- it could be a good idea to add some static pages with my personal projects and whatnot.
  5. There are still a lot of things to fix/adjust, but I'm happy so far.
  6. I might change the URL... soon. So... Yeah.

And... That's pretty much it!

Por cierto, no voy a poder hacer review de las pestañicas que compré, porque son tan buenas que ya se me han roto! :D
(O yo soy muy bestia, no sé!)

Dentro de poco (aka cuando tenga dinero) haré un pedido de pestañas y lentillas, así que ahora que vuelvo a estar activa ya las reviewaré cuando me lleguen.

Hasta pronto! <3

PD: Soy yo, o esto se hace difícil de leer?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Title Issue

As you might know, I'm working into giving this blog a make over.
Not just changing the layout and whatever, but also its name and the whole concept.
Especially the name.

The fact that I don't feel identified with it or with the concept that it represents doesn't mean that my interest towards gyaru fashion or any of my other hobbies, but I just don't like the fact that this seems to be me needing to make people identify myself with this or that other tag, and I just don't like the idea. In fact, it kind of makes me say to myself "---the hell were you thinking?!".

I've also been thinking that one of the issues I was having with this blog is that I wasn't comfortable with it's title and concept, making me not wanting to be a part of something I've got to put a great effort in but that doesn't really make me feel good about it. And, you know, I won't blame myself for that.

So I thought that one of the things I could do to improve this little spot on the internet is give it a new name. One that while it might mean exactly the same, should and will be more subtle. 
Of course, choosing a right name is going to be a harder task than ANYTHING else. 

I thought about naming it "Insert blog title here" or "The most useless blog of the internet" or combining two sweet-and-cute sounding words (like... what's cute? Elephants? Little elephants? And sweet? Sugar? Let's call it "Sugary little elephants"! No Maria, don't) 

As I said before, I'm horrible at giving things a name, but... I eventually came up with something that doesn't horrify me (as of today, lol)!

And... you'll have to wait til I finish to know it!

PS. I'm aware it's 2:40 am (I was gonna say in the morning. Of course it's in the morning, you just said am), but I had to write it down -and post it- before I went to sleep and forgot everything by the time I woke up, lol.
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