Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stupid Vlog


So yesterday I tried a slightly different style and I was pretty happy with it!
When I came home at last I was so sad to have to remove my makeup and undo my hair and such that decided that it'd be a great excuse to do a vlog, LOL!

Bad thing about it it's that... well, the audio is a bit out of sync and that my accent hasn't gotten any better but... Heck, I try my best lol.

Well,  I hope you enjoy my randomness!

(Herpy derpy thumbnail LOL)

Oh, I also thought it could be a good idea to post a couple pics of the outfit and such! :D

Oh, I also thought it could be a good idea to post a couple pics of the outfit and such! :D

 Pic edited with Line Camera! (Pick's image editing soft)
I love that social network!

 Also, the inevitable unavoidable embarrassing duckface, but I like the way the hairdo looks, lol.

 With my dear Miyu <3

 And this pic was too fun to avoid posting it xDDDD We were in front of a fan, lol

 Some of the girls, I love them all <3

Another group pic... With a lot of us lacking! It looks like it's an Hysterical tradition to lack good group pics! We did some, but I don't have them.
I love them all, they're great. It's such a wonderful thing to have friends like them. One of these days I'll make an update for them! <3

Aaaand... This is all for now.
Thanks for reading and so! <3

Thursday, August 16, 2012

About makeup... kinda.

Hi everyone!

I've been thinking lately a lot about how I do my make up and what I wanted to look like.
Despite the fact that I've been a _lot_ of time with little to no money to restock my falsies and whatnot, I've also found out that I had gotten a bit... lazy when it comes to make-up.

I've always, always, always, always loved extreme panda styles, droopy eye make-up rather than natural and cat-shaped eyes, like this girl's (who's an Ageha model):

 (I don't know her name but I'm totally in love with her. I suck at names, but... I love her anyway)

Just take a look at her makeup:

And at the way her face looks with it:

THIS is the kind of face-shape (or whatever) I want to achieve, this is in what I'm going to work more from now on.

I used to make my eyes very very very droopy before, but I ended up changing to a style... that doesn't even suit me!

So eh, keep tuned because I'm going to be trying really hard.
(I also wanted to talk about lenses and about how much I wanted to get me a new pair and that I had been investigated because I didn't want an old model that ended up feeling outdated quickly but as far as I can see... They keep wearing the same old oldies in mags like Ageha and EGG and such! I guess it's because the classics never die)

Thanks for reading and such! <3

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello there!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how much I missed blogging and having a decent blog.
My philosophy about blogging has always been trying to give people something that could be of their interest, and not just sharing the randomness in my life, but then I always found myself in the situation of having very little time and being too demanding with myself, so nothing was ever good enough to actually end up posted.

I'm also not happy at all with the way my layout looks, and with the features I find within blogger, so I've been thinking too about switching to something more... entertaining, at least!

Anyway,  I've made a decision about all this, and it's that I just want to blog. Of course, I still want to come up with useful stuff, trying to share all the (little) valuable information I might have about anything, or about any research I may do for myself, but also about the random bits, about how I try my best every day to improve in the style (I also want to share my point of view in all the events and meet ups I do with my dear Hysterical fellas!).

I'm also afraid of... well, I still don't consider myself "enough" to use the gaijin gyaru tag on my posts and I've always thought that it's like a lack of modesty to tag yourself, when everyone has flaws, but I ended up realizing that's just a prejudice. We tag ourselves as gaijin gyaru because we like the style and we want to connect with similar-minded people around the world so we can share and improve together, so why not! I'll set up a disclaimer whenever I have time, lol.

I always make this kind of post: "I've decided that I'll blog a lot and blah and blah xDDDD" and it always ends up as the intention buuut I believe that this time is different, lol!

And on the meanwhile, here are some camwhoring style-wise ego pics!

This is, in reverse chronological order, what I've been up to this last month!
(It's just a selection of me, and I bet you can tell which is my favorite shirt of the moment, lol!)

I always try to try (lol) different things, even if now reviewing the pics I find that I've got somewhat of a defined style. What do you think? I really wouldn't want to type-cast myself into any sub-style for now, but some people like just one style and following it deeply. Are you that kind of person?

I really would live to know your opinion on pretty much everything, from what kind of post would you like better to what do you think about this subject (or pretty much everything).

I know that I haven't posted in a veeery long while and pretty much everyone will have forgotten about this blog, so I'm aware there won't be an avalanche of comments!
(But I'll be happy about pretty much anything)

Thanks for reading and... well, be happy and keep up rocking!

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