Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stupid Vlog


So yesterday I tried a slightly different style and I was pretty happy with it!
When I came home at last I was so sad to have to remove my makeup and undo my hair and such that decided that it'd be a great excuse to do a vlog, LOL!

Bad thing about it it's that... well, the audio is a bit out of sync and that my accent hasn't gotten any better but... Heck, I try my best lol.

Well,  I hope you enjoy my randomness!

(Herpy derpy thumbnail LOL)

Oh, I also thought it could be a good idea to post a couple pics of the outfit and such! :D

Oh, I also thought it could be a good idea to post a couple pics of the outfit and such! :D

 Pic edited with Line Camera! (Pick's image editing soft)
I love that social network!

 Also, the inevitable unavoidable embarrassing duckface, but I like the way the hairdo looks, lol.

 With my dear Miyu <3

 And this pic was too fun to avoid posting it xDDDD We were in front of a fan, lol

 Some of the girls, I love them all <3

Another group pic... With a lot of us lacking! It looks like it's an Hysterical tradition to lack good group pics! We did some, but I don't have them.
I love them all, they're great. It's such a wonderful thing to have friends like them. One of these days I'll make an update for them! <3

Aaaand... This is all for now.
Thanks for reading and so! <3


  1. awwww me encanta tu outfit! tan bonito y primaveral!!!Y esa foto frente al ventilador me ah hecho reir bastante xDDDDDD!!!!
    Cuidateeeee y que el calor no se apodere de ti xD!<3

    1. Jajaja, sí, es que teníamos muchíííísima calor! Además es eso, en Barcelona el calor es super super super húmedo con lo que imagínate con todas las extensiones y sudando como pollos xDDDDDDD

      Tu también bonita <3

  2. JOOOODERR cada dia mas preciosos todos MUERTEE AL GYARU-SA!!!
    XDDD (super celosa)

    aiaiai pues... si ya lo sabes XD que me encantas mucho, este outfit es la hostia, tu pelo, make-up... Vamos que cada dia me encantas mas *_* <3

  3. Buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa que pasadaaaaaaaaaaa!! Te queda genial ese vestido!! *OOOOOOO* y el pelo así con mucho volumen!! Que guapa!!Estais todos preciosos ;O;

    Muchos besos!!

    1. Gracias!! La verdad es que me gustan varios estilos así que ir probando cositas es chachi! :D

      Besitos! :D

  4. I love your outfit *-* and hysterical is my favorite gyarusa ^o^

    1. Thank you!! *___* I insist, we should do a wider european meet-up lol! :D
      It really is? Yaay, it's great that great gyaru like you have us as a favorite <3

  5. actualitzes més que jo!!! :O

    Quin goig que feu tots! i tu vas una mica hime? és maco!!!

    un petonet!

    1. Osti que se m'havia passat contestar! :3
      Moltes gràcies! Si, bé, una miqueta! Fent els meus pinets a veure què surt :D

      Un petó maca!


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