Thursday, August 16, 2012

About makeup... kinda.

Hi everyone!

I've been thinking lately a lot about how I do my make up and what I wanted to look like.
Despite the fact that I've been a _lot_ of time with little to no money to restock my falsies and whatnot, I've also found out that I had gotten a bit... lazy when it comes to make-up.

I've always, always, always, always loved extreme panda styles, droopy eye make-up rather than natural and cat-shaped eyes, like this girl's (who's an Ageha model):

 (I don't know her name but I'm totally in love with her. I suck at names, but... I love her anyway)

Just take a look at her makeup:

And at the way her face looks with it:

THIS is the kind of face-shape (or whatever) I want to achieve, this is in what I'm going to work more from now on.

I used to make my eyes very very very droopy before, but I ended up changing to a style... that doesn't even suit me!

So eh, keep tuned because I'm going to be trying really hard.
(I also wanted to talk about lenses and about how much I wanted to get me a new pair and that I had been investigated because I didn't want an old model that ended up feeling outdated quickly but as far as I can see... They keep wearing the same old oldies in mags like Ageha and EGG and such! I guess it's because the classics never die)

Thanks for reading and such! <3


  1. A mí también me gustan mucho los maquillajes de la Ageha, pero no me sientan bien...
    Yo creo que si te quedaban bien los maquillajes que te hacías (si no es que has cambiado desde febrero, claro, entonces no sé xD), pero si tu no te sientes a gusto con ellos... Bye bye xD.

    1. La verdad es que son una preciosidad y cualquier cosa más sencilla acaba como pasando desapercibida xDD

      Sí, sí, a mí me gusta, y me gusta cómo me queda, pero a veces una se encuenta buscando otro estilo para según qué cosas y cuando algo no lo practicas en el día a día se pierde!

  2. es himena ousaki *_* la perfecta hime de la ageha!! Yo tambien soy fan de los maquillahes extremos y antinaturales XD ole que ole!! a mi me gusta mucho como te maquillas, cada vez mas buena mujéh!

    1. Es preciosa! Ahora buscaré su tag en tumblr y me pondré a spamear. Quizá hasta amplío la entrada. xDDD

      Y si si, cuanto más vistoso mejor! Si no pa qué te pones nada que ya se está guapa al natural xDDDD

  3. com ya sabras.... TE ADOOOOROOO y ayer relucias con ese fantasticoso make up <3 <3 *0* me enamoroooo lererelele

    panda eyes for eveeer


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