Monday, January 10, 2011

The journey of a hairstyle

Beware: meaningless short entry!

Today my hair went from this:

To this:

Where did all the volume go? LOL

I love seeing how hair ends through the day, and I hope I'll get better at making my hairstyles more resistant to time with practice (and maybe a better/more (MORE?) hairspray. I use a Pantene one atm).
I might make more posts like this, I find them funny and they're short enough to be made in a very little time.

By the way!
If you follow me on Twitter you might already know about it, but I've officially started using my tumblr publicly, so if you're around say something and I'll follow you there!


  1. que bonito se te quedo el pelo!! Es que la humedad es un asco para el pelo..aunque te eches kilos de laca se cae..u___u pero aun asi lo tienes bonito!!

  2. Jo a mi tampoco me dura... yo pense que era por el peso de el pelo, pero veo que a todo el mundo le pasa!

  3. Awe, your hair still looks cute though haha! XD I know what you mean though~ I haven't figured out how to keep volume throughout the day either, buu ;o;
    & I will definitely follow you on tumblr! I'm cherriparfait on there :)

  4. Ohhh me encanta tu pelooo ♥
    Tengo pensado en ponerme el ceniza en todo el pelo, pero tendrá que esperar al mes que viene si no quiero quedarme calva xD

    gracias de verdad por tus consejos/opiniones, la verdad es que a mi la cabecera tampoco me acaba de convencer, deve ser lo que tu dices, de todas formas la dejaré un tiempecito ya que la he hecho xD

    besos guapaaa ♥


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