Monday, October 29, 2012

Excuses + PicSpam

Ahh, whenever I spend a long time without blogging I start feeling guilty!

Anyway, I've got quite a lot of ideas to give this blog a new face and some projects in mind to put some more life and interactivity to it, but I really have little to no time for things like this!
I barely have time to take pics and post them, no wonder that I've no time to blog!

So this is just a little reminder that I'm still here somehow and that stuff may be coming... soon. Just not SO soon.

And to make this post a lil less boring, I'll spam some pics of these last days!

Thanks for reading <3

(I'm aware that they're not my best pics, but hey! It's something, lol!)


  1. Aaaah pero ya quisiera yo tener el mínimo de tiempo que tienes tú y ser así de diosa <3 no se puedeeeee! Si yo con el curro y la universidad acabo hecha una piltrafa pero tú estás impecable! ♥

  2. qué estilazo!!me encantan tus ojos >_<


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