Friday, November 16, 2012

Outfit compilation 1: First half of November

 Hi guys!

As you might see there have been some changes in my blog! It's still under construction so don't worry about anything that might look weird! I'm open for input, as always!

Since one of the winner options was the detailed posts of outfits, I've prepared a post with my some of my outfits (the ones I've liked the most and I feel less rushed and such) from the last two weeks!

And here we go!

Dress: Yumetenbo
Hairpiece: Gold's Infinity (It's a ribbon from a dress!)
Boots: Forever 21

Here I was wearing my recently dyed clip-on extensions in order to give a note of color to the whole combination.
The point or goal of this outfit is trying to be sexy but elegant!

Shirt: Forever21
Tee: Bershka (if I'm not wrong, it's really old!)
Shorts: Bershka
Accessories: Claire's (Maggie -Queenie- gave me that necklace <3), random shop, Bijou Brigitte
Shoes: Studded boots from Teenagers
Wig: Prisila

This was a casual outfit for a Sunday afternoon! 
Set: Real Ma*rs
Boots: Same as before (I've fallen in love with them)
Wig: Prisila

I wanted to try out the new clothes I had recently gotten from Mbok, and this Ma*rs set was undoubtedly my first option!
Top: d.i.a
Skirt: NewYorkers
Belt: Bijou Brigitte

To my taste, I need a d.i.a belt to suit this kind of outfit, and I should LOSE SOME WEIGHT URGENTLY!!
The point of this outfit was cute x sexy (hence the pigtails, lol).

Dress: Liz Lisa
Top: Bershka
Boots: Camper
Wig: Prisila

I wanted an elegant and girly but autmn-ish look in this outfit. I took the last pic at Sephora, where a very nice girl helped me choose a lip-stick that unfortunately was out of order!

Top: Forever21
Skirt: TutuHa
Necklace: Claire's
Boots: Teenagers

Outfit for work+class. This season makes me dress in black more often. I tried to make something different with my make-up but I didn't quite like the shape of one of my eyes (even if I didn't dislike the end result). As I commented at my tumblr, when you're busy all day (from 9am to 9pm out of home, and I've got to wake up at 7 most days!) you can't have as much time as you'd like and sometimes things don't come up as clean as they could be!
(and that's why I dislike most of the outfits of the rest of my two weeks and don't even want to post them, LOL!)
But I guess that's the downfall of wearing the style on a daily basis!

Shirt, necklace, headband: Forever21
Skirt: NewYorkers
Belt: BijouBrigitte
Tights: Stradivarius
Boots: Teenagers

Since I had recently dyed my hair a purple/gray-ish shade and I had bought these tight I wanted to try on a more rock/adult/mode/edgy style. I'm not a big fan of how short hair suits my face shape (that's why there are no close-ups hah!), but I like the global concept of the outfit. I was somewhat uninspired that morning, though, but I like the way it looks now!

And that's all so far!!
Thanks for reading and for any feedback you might give! <3

PS: By the way, would you like me to break long posts like this one with a cut or would that be more bothersome than anything?!


  1. el penúltimo conjunto fue mi favorito*W* muy linda siempre!

    1. Jaja, es que esa falda es un amor! Gracias! <3

  2. Por el amor de dios, María, castaña permanente PLS.

    1. Jajaja, bueno, lo suyo es poder ir cambiando!

  3. You look so beautiful! *_* Love the brown wig!!! *_* It suits you so well!

    1. Thank you! <3 I like being able to change from time to time!

  4. I love all the outfits! *_* especially the first!

    1. Thank you! I love that dress! It's a pity that it's getting too cold :(

  5. *_____________* Me encantan todos!!! wakfjcanskdfj Y esa falda de tutuHa es la cosa más preciosa que he visto en mi vida!! Sienta genial! *O*

    Muchos besines María!! <3

    1. Esa falda es adorable! Es un préstamo de Miyu, jajaja

      Muchos besos preciosa! <3


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