Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Title Issue

As you might know, I'm working into giving this blog a make over.
Not just changing the layout and whatever, but also its name and the whole concept.
Especially the name.

The fact that I don't feel identified with it or with the concept that it represents doesn't mean that my interest towards gyaru fashion or any of my other hobbies, but I just don't like the fact that this seems to be me needing to make people identify myself with this or that other tag, and I just don't like the idea. In fact, it kind of makes me say to myself "---the hell were you thinking?!".

I've also been thinking that one of the issues I was having with this blog is that I wasn't comfortable with it's title and concept, making me not wanting to be a part of something I've got to put a great effort in but that doesn't really make me feel good about it. And, you know, I won't blame myself for that.

So I thought that one of the things I could do to improve this little spot on the internet is give it a new name. One that while it might mean exactly the same, should and will be more subtle. 
Of course, choosing a right name is going to be a harder task than ANYTHING else. 

I thought about naming it "Insert blog title here" or "The most useless blog of the internet" or combining two sweet-and-cute sounding words (like... what's cute? Elephants? Little elephants? And sweet? Sugar? Let's call it "Sugary little elephants"! No Maria, don't) 

As I said before, I'm horrible at giving things a name, but... I eventually came up with something that doesn't horrify me (as of today, lol)!

And... you'll have to wait til I finish to know it!

PS. I'm aware it's 2:40 am (I was gonna say in the morning. Of course it's in the morning, you just said am), but I had to write it down -and post it- before I went to sleep and forgot everything by the time I woke up, lol.


  1. Looking forward to your return! I actually found your blog after you'd mostly stopped writing so it'll be nice to read your posts again! ♪

    /drive-by comment

    1. Thank you! I'll be back soon! I've got to find time between college stuff and such, but I'll do my best to find it! :D


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