Friday, September 14, 2012

Random update! With outfits! And camwhoring! And boobs! PICHEAVY ALARM!!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since my last post, isn't it?
Well, I'm quite busy and I haven't been able to come up with any great topics to discuss with you (lol), so even if I'm very grateful for the opinions and comments you left on my last post (well, I'm grateful for any comment <3) and I'd love to keep up the topic going I'm afraid I'll have to make a simple post with some of my outfits these days.

I also have pending to make an update with Queenie's visit to Barcelona, so without further ado here it comes!

Since I started talking with her I found out that she's a great person whose chat I really enjoyed so I was very happy to find out that she was coming to Barcelona!

The first day we met (I had to get ready at work EVERYDAY since I had a 10'5 h shift, lol!) we went to have dinner at Montaditos (a very cheap and cool bar, which is always filled with tourists). I mistook the street and left the car like 20' far but... well, that way she could do some (more) tourism, lol
Drawing the corner of the eye wasn't meant for my eye shape, lol

It's like it's TOO MUCH!
But I liked the outfit!! xD

I really don't have many pics form that day because... Well, I tried a different style of make-up and I believe that I either did it too heavily or it doesn't really suit me, I'm not sure lol
I also actually like to enjoy better the moment I'm living by actually living and capturing it with my memory than taking thousands of pics of it to show it afterwards. Idk, maybe I'm weird.
I'm sure you've seen pics of it on facebook though!

  The second day we meet with Sue (if you've seen the Spanish initiative Gyaru Channel I'm sure you've seen her! She doesn't have a blog yet, so I can't really link it, lol) and went to have some bubble tea and have a walk to the Maremagnum Mall (which is placed right at the sportive docks of Barcelona and where shops don't close on Sundays -it's crazy that shops actually close on Sundays, right?!-, where we found a curious fella dressed as a sumo fighter in a segway. I just... What is this I dont even. We took some pics with him and kept going, lol. At least he wasn't wearing one of these awful mexican hats (nothing against mexicans or their hats, keep reading) that most tourist shops seem to fancy selling at the ramblas. I mean, dude, it's not even Mexico! It would be like going to the States and buying a statue of the Big Ben.

I'm surrounded by cuties <3

As you can see, he was pretty... well, bizarre

The fuck happened to my hair?!

And the last day we did a group meeting we went with Chechi and Cristina (Poza) who are also from Hysterical (<3 <3) to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant at the center of Barcelona called Sushi-Ya, which is always yummy. I was with fever and had been sick for about a week, so I really didn't look pretty well. I include an overedited face shot so you can check it out in case you're curious xDDDD

Herpyderpyme, but they all look so cute that I had to upload it, lol

 I have to say that I was very happy to share time with her because she's a great person and has proved herself to be a great friend (and she's also a beautiful and sexy woman, which is always nice to have around), so... <3

Aaaand... That's pretty much it!

From now on, outfit and random pics!

Random outfit for going to the cinema!

Random partying outfit!

And an (almost) makeupless outfit test!

And from the day Hiki came back!
(I loved how it looked like that day, and this is why I've got these pics as my profile pics pretty much everywhere LOL)

My new Yumetenbo dress!

(And a different approach to that dress, with lighter makeup and straight hair -would've said straight puffy, but its puffiness disappeared lol)

And... This.
I have to find a light pink/nude lipstick that suits me and doesn't make me look like... idk

I'm pissed at myself because most times I forget to take pics of my outfits and makeup, or if I take them then I don't like them and stop trying so it's for nothing... but well.

Sorry for the über wall of text and thanks for reading!!

<3 <3<3


  1. Mariaa!! Stunnig como always! Si esque me encantas en serio... estoy enamoráh!!♥
    Y por dios, pelo rubio liso + vestido sersi enseñando.. me matas!!!!!! jfkjgkdf

    Nos das mil patadas tia, eres genial! Guapa, lista y exelente persona!!

    muchos besos ^-^

    1. Joder tío, gracias. No sé qué contestar. <3
      IMHO no creo que nadie de patadas a nadie, pero vaya!

  2. ostras cuantas cosaaaaaas que has hecho!! jajaja *A*
    y cada dia más guapa y más sexy omgg

    que precioso ese vestido TTwTT
    y ahora que te he visto con el pelo liso..que creo que es la primera vez!nose si me gusta más y todo!! bueno para que engañarme, me mola como lo llevas tanto rizado como liso xD tienes un pelazo y se te ve super cuidado, ya me gustaría poder decir lo mismo.....xD

    1. Jajajaja gracias tía <3 La verdad es que me echo una mascarilla una vez cada cuando me acuerdo entre una hora y dos, y nada... ir haciendo! Pero también entran en juego las extensiones, CLARO! xDDD


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